Are you using video in your marketing or company training?

I love working with video and have done a number of off the cuff
and planned video’s and interviews . It’s fun to conceptualize, script out, set up
the camera, check the audio, make sure the lighting
is as good as you can get it without professional
equipment, dress up from the waist up,
get in the mindset, do voice warm-ups, and then
do a maximum of 2 takes. Ideally one take.

What slows the process down for me is the editing.
Then adding annotations, call-outs, an intro
and outro, and if I’m really serious, closed captions.

After that uploading it to my server or other site.
Whew….a 3 minute video can take 3+ hours to put in
it’s final form. And that’s if you are not a perfectionist.

Then I met Jeff Philips of In Focus Studios .
In a past life, Jeff was a landscaper (you’ll see why
this is important in a moment).

We connected immediately and especially because we
were tied into many of the same internet and video
marketing thought leaders. Actually, Jeff
was way ahead of me in concept and implementation.

I really liked that.

Anyway, Jeff is one of the most creative video people
I know. You can see what other people say on his
website and Facebook page (IMPORTANT….as you watch,
imagine those stories and endorsements with
your clients on your website).

Back to landscaping and practical applications.
Let me ask…how good is your Spanish?

So Jeff asked if I knew any landscapers because,
they may, on occasion, employ hard working
and wonderful people who are in the process of
learning English.

Rather than using sign language, mangeled
Spanish, or depending upon one interpreter,
Jeff is making custom training video’s
that convey the owners knowledge, attitude, and
specific skills, which will speed employees learning
and make them a  profitable member of the
company sooner.

Pretty darn practical and time and labor saving.

This same application could apply to any company.
Imagine that the founder conveys their vision
and passion to employees. Or the master sales
person records their skills for future training.

All done once and available for ever.

Powerful stuff.

Be sure to check out Jeff Philip’s business  “webisodes”  too.

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