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Great book- the new book has a different cover.

Chapel Hill Mortgage – Update June 6, 2013 Have You Read “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy?

Met Asa Fleming President of the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors (RRAR) for the first time this week. We were having interesting conversations about books that had major impact on our lives.

I asked – have you read Joseph Murphy’s Power of Your Subconscious Mind? He jumped and said YES, his Mom gave it to him as a teen. He related a similar experience as I had with the book.

I will always remember the first time I saw this book – walking in downtown Asheville and seeing it in the window of a bookstore. I was immediately drawn inside and bought the book.

Have you read this?
What books have had a significant impact on you?



Up Date May 29, 2013 Where do all the Rhodo’s go?

Favorite rhododendron – so fleeting….life analogy in nature somewhere?

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Up Date May 22, 2013,  27617,

Paul’s Place Famous Hotdogs

Was driving through from the coast and had to make a detour to stop at Paul’s Place Famous Hotdogs in Rocky Point, NC 28457.

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Paul’s Place Famous Hot Dogs

They store off exit 408 had been closed since the last time I stopped by. Progress, with a great big truck stop.

Went to the closest fast food store and asked the attendant outside if Paul’s was still around “Why sure! Right down this road  about 5 miles.”

Nice big bright sign outside and the classic down home restaurant interior.

The relish and hot dogs are excellent. The made fresh cake was OK, as I was there about 7:00pm. Would have been better at noon I’m sure.

Very friendly waitress who had moved down from Ohio in the last year.

Two dog’s wasn’t enough. Had to get just one more.

One of the best part is the locals. Had a friendly conversation with a turkey
hunter and his wife who had been out in a blind since 5:30am, making for a long
day, with only a turkey in sight.

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The interior has classic photos from the founding, I think in the late 1920’s or or 1930’s. Will confirm that the next time I go by.

If you are driving down I-40 toward Wilmington, take the exit right after Burgaw, turn right, then left, and you’ll see on the right a bit down the road.

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May 10, 2013 Chapel Hill Mortgage, NC 27514 Update – Vicious Mauling by VHS Tape Machine

Getting ready for the Mary Cahill Kohn family re-union.

Finally found the VHS tape that I took a lifetime ago in August, 1987. Besides having those
classic images of the family, four who have since transcended this world, I had interviewed G’Ma Mary
about the early years- being raised by her Swedish grandparents, going for adventure and riches drilling
oil wells in the fields of Oklahoma during the depression, living in a big tent with plank floors, and more.

Was so happy when I found the tape. Watched most of it, and ejected it to finish later.

When I put it in to finish I heard the sound that told me something is wrong.
Ejected the tape and it was caught in the jaws of that vicious machine

mortgage broker chapel hill nc 27514 Jim Enright

It was almost surreal.
My mind went very still, much as I imagine when a accident happens and there is a rescue, and the rescuer says it all happened in slow motion. Or when you hear war veterans talking about their experiences.

I didn’t panic. Didn’t swear.
Didn’t throw the machine on the floor and stomp on it.

Calmly searched for a Phillips head screw driver, thinking I could easily lift the body off.
Could only get the front of the player off…..now I was beginning to worry.

Stuck my hand in the jaws of the machine…imagined as my father the surgeon did during operations,
Carefully found the tape and gently unwrapped it.

It finally came out.
Was now going to stomp the VHS machine to pieces.

Instead, went online and found places who repair VHS tapes. It can be repaired.
Mortgage broker chapel hill, nc 27514 Jim Enright 2

Then went to Best Buy and bought a new VHS DVD/DVD player. VHS tape players and recorders and not in huge demand right now, so if you have some VHS tapes, you might just check out your old machine.

I’ll let you know how the repair came out.


Drove down to visit David for the first day
of turkey season.

It’s fun to prepare the night before,
get up early, like 4:00am, drive to a (hopefully)
desolate spot, set up, call, and wait…

At 5:15am the sky was clear and full of stars.
Had to just stop and look around. Never ceases
to amaze me.

After waiting, calling, and dozing off, we left
that site around 8:50am and headed back

Did not hear a turkey clucking or shot from any
other hunters.

That was good…at least no one else was seeing
any turkeys.

Went back that late afternoon and had the same
results. Nothing.

As we were close to the entry gate, David yelled out.

In front of us, a big hen strutted across the road.
We stopped and watched it go back and forth along
the bushes before disappearing into the brush.

The turkeys seemed to know Saturday was the first
day of turkey season, and took the day off.

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