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When you watch the videos you'll be able to relate to how some mortgage loans are handled. You may have questions or perhaps you know someone who needs mortgage strategy and guidance. Your referrals will receive my greatest attention.



When you watch the videos and read these people’s experiences you’ll be able to relate to how some typical loans are handled. You may have questions or perhaps you know someone who is in a smiliar situation…  Your referrals will receive my greatest attention. So send me an email, I would be happy to answer any question you may have and feedback is always welcome.
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Pastor Mike Underwood

Promised Land Community Church
Creedmoor, NC

Andy & Carla Keck
Associate Director Divinity Library, Registered Sales Assistant
Durham, NC

Joe and Robin Pietrantoni

Senior Lab Systems Analyst, Employment Representative
Durham, NC

Della Pollock, Ph.D.

Distinguished Term Professor
Chapel Hill, NC

Kirsten Ambrose

Research Administrator
Durham, NC
Reviews - John & Donna Gregorius

John & Donna Gregorius
Senior Assistant and Teachers Assistant Wake Forest, NC

Randy & Barb Leonard

Palm Springs, NC

Ron Lewis

Senior Minister
Durham, NC

Theresa Lostaglio

Programmer Analyst

Kevin Judge

Physician Chapel Hill NC

Patricia Davis

Grant Specialist

Matt Roman

Raleigh, NC

Michael & Jayne Cash

– VP Operations & Clinical Nurse

Larry Lee

Retired Academic
Cary, NC

Greta Garber

Clinical Nurse Durham NC

Raymond Smith and Melanie Maupin

Chapel Hill, NC

Bob Pheonix

Operations Analyst
Durham NC

Dr. Neil R. MacIntyre, MD

Chief, Clinical Services
Duke University Medical Center
~Andy Sachs and Kathy Murphy of Chapel Hill, NC write:
Dear Jim: We’re writing to thank you for your services once again as our mortgage broker. As you know, this is the second successful home mortgage refinance loan on which we worked with you. In both instances the choices we faced ñ across lenders and terms — were too numerous and complicated for us to face without the expertise you provide. We especially appreciate your staying in touch with us while interest rates were higher than we had felt comfortable committing to. You tracked the market for us and when the rates lowered to our target level you let us know. Weíve already suggested to an acquaintance that she work with you, and would recommend your services to others who might need them. Thank you so very much for a job well done.~ Robin &Joe Pietrantoni of Durham, NC write:
“I am very grateful for Jim Enright’s assistance in the recent refinancing of our home mortgage. Jim spent a great deal of time with my husband and I – exploring our refinancing options, explaining how each option would affect our budget, and answering our countless questions. As a result of Jim’s time and effort on our behalf, we were able to accomplish all of our original objectives, including lower monthly mortgage payments, reduction in the term of our loan, and cash for the purchase of a new car!” John & Cathy were moving here from Indiana. They had lived in their home for 15 years with a small mortgage and lots of equity. Conventional home buying wisdom said use the entire $61,000.00 equity from the sale of their home for the new purchase down payment. Doing this created a bigger problem.With one son in college now, one going to college this year, and a daughter who will be in college in 5 years, tuition will continue to be a huge expense for the next nine years. Using conventional wisdom, they would borrow against home equity, or get other loans for tuition.Solution: Rather than use all the equity from the sale of their home, we only used 5% ($18,450.00), and structured a great loan without mortgage insurance. Benefits: they got their new home with minimum down; they kept cash in a investment account; paid off most debt; and have tuition saved for two kids. When we were done with the strategy session, John said “Jim, this is not just a mortgage, you are doing financial planning! “~ Career Change, New Business, Single Parent = Money Flowing Through the Cracks John had switched his career from being an employed software specialist to an independent consultant 3 years ago. Like many new businesses, his tax returns didn’t show much income.

John has two teens and is a single parent. With business travel, teenagers, and the monthly fluctuations in business cash flow, debt was mounting. His total bills were over $3,300.00 per month.

That’s when he called me. John thought that with interest rates going up, there might not be an advantage for him. That’s where our expertise came in.

We reviewed his credit, assets and liabilities. Credit was good but we had a problem. He didn’t have enough income showing on his tax returns. We found a special program and reduced John’s payments to $2,000.00 per month. This was a $1,300.00 per month savings!

We then showed John how small amounts of prepayments can save thousands in interest and how to increase his savings with these “found” funds. If this sounds like the kind of service someone you know deserves, please call me. They’ll receive the same great attention to detail and advice.

~ Chance Encounter Saves $12,768.00. You Could Be Next. Jerry called and said he had been thinking about a Fixed Rate refinance, but didn’t think rates were low enough. Then he realized his high tech job wasn’t so stable. Then he started thinking about how long he would actually live in his home. He wondered “even though fixed rates are low, is this the best program for me now?”

Luckily, he ran into my Realtor client Debbie Earp at aerobics class. In between sets, she told him to call me. We carefully reviewed his first and second mortgage, credit card debt, and amount of money in savings.

Looking at “The Lowest Cost Analysis”, Jerry decided a 5/1 ARM made the most sense for him. It also saved him $243.00 per month and $12,768.00 after closing costs in 60 months.

When we were through, Jerry said, ” I wasn’t sure it made sense to refinance, but “The Lowest Cost Analysis” put the benefits in black and white.” The Lowest Cost Analysis brings financial clarity and will save you thousands of dollars when you refinance or buy your next home.

One More Story… Sitting in the attorney’s lobby waiting to close, my client Mark said, “Jim, I really didn’t think you could close so fast. You did a great job”. Here’s a peek at the story behind the scenes.

Mark and Robin moved from Virginia. They expected to close at the end of May on their home in Virginia, and then close on their Durham home right after that. This would give them time to have the home repainted, re-carpeted and touched up the way they wanted it.

A problem occurred. 1) Their buyers were ready to close 3 weeks early and had to take occupancy at closing. 2) The relocation contract on the Durham home was still being “settled” and was in limbo. 3) We had to close on this Durham home in two weeks, so there would be time to have the painting and carpet done before his family got here. 4) He also needed an equity line to close within days that would be based upon the appraised value rather than the purchase price. He got a great buy!

Problem #1 – Usually it is easy to close in 10 days or less. But at this moment there was a refinance boom going on. What did take 24 hours for approval is now taking 4-7 days for approval. Problem #2 – Have you ever heard stories of someone else’s bad credit getting attached to another persons excellent credit, thereby causing a complete credit mess? This happened, and it was time consuming cleaning it up.

With a mass of coordination and expertise, we did close the loan on the 10th day. The package was delivered to the attorney at 11:35am on the 9th day. The equity line was in place. The painters and carpet people were at the home on the day of closing. While we were waiting to close, Mark said, “Jim, I really didn’t think you could close so fast. You did a great job”.

If you would like to discuss your situation or share your experience with others, send us a quick note and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We look forward to posting your success stories on our reviews section of our website.