Pre Qualified: Visiting Open Homes in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill this weekend?

If you have been speaking with any agent, or other home buyers in the market, you have a good idea of what is happening now.
There is not enough inventory. When you think back 12-18 months, there was an abundance of home inventory in the Triangle.

Now, not so.

Durham Mortgage Pre-Approval

Good homes, priced right, and in good condition are selling quickly.
Frequently with multiple offers within days of going on the market.

Often with full price offers and full price PLUS offers.

Many sellers are now in a far better selling position, with the ability to choose among offers.

How Can You Be the Buyer That Gets the Home?

Get a Durham mortgage pre-approval before you drive. Sure, go ahead and look online. But don’t waste an agent’s time, or yours, until you know how much you pre-qualify for.

Today, I was meeting with a relocating UNC-Chapel Hill tenured professor.

She had a certain price range in mind that she did not want to exceed. But, because we reviewed her qualifications in detail, she knows she can stretch another $52,350.00 if that right house shows up.

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With good homes selling quickly, you don’t have time to wait.

When your agent makes the offer, most sellers agents want a pre-approval letter or a pre-qualified letter with the offer.

If you haven’t connected with a lender who has reviewed your income, assets, and credit before hand you will have delays.

Be proactive, and get a Durham mortgage pre-approval for your mortgage before you need to.

Just spoke with a soon to be under contract client.

She called after visiting homes with her agent to say how good she felt now that she knew how much house
she could afford…over her self-imposed limit.

Our pre-approval meeting before she went out put her at ease.

No surprises or unknowns.

That’s much better than standing in an open home ready to make an offer and wondering about the financing details.

What’s your experience been?


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