The Examined Mortgage Refinance.

Traditional mortgage wisdom and comfort levels should be reviewed, if only to know what your other choices are, even if you soundly reject them.

Durham Mortgage Broker Refinance Tips

When it comes to your mortgage refinance, it’s about perspective and discipline, and sometimes,
even throwing traditional wisdom out the window.

How will you make your decision? Will it be by interest rate and closing costs? Or on how you create an advantage and payment efficiency with your monthly savings that will catapult you forward faster toward your goals?

With enforced discipline, even small savings will create an advantage to speed debt pay off and increase your savings, while you sleep.

The term “The Speed of Money” has been used in many economic analyses, but let’s put it in terms of where it really matters….you.

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By that I mean, if you save $156.00 or even $228.00 per month, and the savings goes into your chequebook each month, without a system, after a short time, the savings evaporates into the void.

You remember when you paid off your first car and you knew that the extra money would make such a difference in your life? As it became “free’ money in your check it book, it was absorbed into your lifestyle, and the advantage disappeared.

That’s what we don’t want to happen.

With systematic additional payments to your mortgage, your loan balance, or total savings, could look like this, with the same dollars you are spending now.

Refinance 2

Redirecting those same “saved” dollars into a savings account could look like this:


Far better outcomes!