A Mortgage Pre-Approval Strategy Session is...

similar to the astronaut’s journey to the moon. There is constant evaluation and adjustment to ensure they reach the target.

Durham Mortgage Broker Pre-Approval Strategy Session (PASS) or
“Know Thy Self”

For Chapel Hill First Time Home Buyers and Move Up Buyers.

There are two types of buyers I’ve had experience working with. The difference is their initial emotional frenzy.

The 1st, knows :

  • How much home they qualify for before looking.
  • Their payment comfort level.
  • may be a great gap between the two!
  • They’ve also considered the amount of their down payment, and if they should put down less rather than more.
  • Future planning is considered.

This is done with a Pre-Approval Strategy Session in person or by a Advisors Insight online meeting. The result is more confidence and clarity in the new home search and process.

The 2nd, contacts me in a hectic state. They are calling from the car right after looking at a wonderful home.

“Can we afford this? How much down payment?”

Yes, that does really happen.

The PASS is a smart investment of thought and analysis which lays the foundation for peace of mind in your move.

This is just one part of the PASS session.

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