Downtown Durham – Find Your Cool

Had read about the band before the show                                                                 Downtown Durham Real Estate
and was intrigued.  Lumbee and Coharie indians from Pembroke and Lumberton.
Attended UNC Chapel Hill. Diverse musical influence self
catagorized as Rocky Soul.

Charly Lowry, the lead vocalist was a semi-finalist on Idol and
the band was featured on NPR The Story with Dick Gordon in 2011.

When she spoke from the stage, she had a distinct accent,
as unique as Cajun, that I have never heard before.

Very entertaining. Good improvising on the
songs they let loose on. Couple signature songs
that had some nice jams- Home Town Hero
in particular. Nice lyrics to this song.                                                                       Homes for sale durham nc 27712 a

After the show, Charly said the band has moved back
to Chapel Hill.

Well worth seeing when they are playing local.

Here’s a good review from The Indy.

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Update: June 8th, 2013 – Find Your Cool Pt. 2

A Chapel Hill Outsider Report –
So I’ve made it to four of the last five shows, only missing D-Day.

Was thinking why I’ve enjoyed the shows.                                                         Bull Durham Mortgage Jim Enright
For me, it’s been a pleasant change for Thursday nights –
not so far to travel, easy parking, able to sit outside in the square
(minor flash backs to Vicenza’s central plaza) while watching
the setting sun’s shadow on the buildings.

And it’s over by 8:30 pm.

Perhaps it’s a work-life balance — I like local music,
local micro brew and access to gourmet ice cream, which I have resisted.
And the show is free.You can even bring a picnic.

If you like to people observe, there is diversity                         Durham Fixed Rate mortgage
every bit as interesting as an afternoon outside
the Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. But with a
decidedly Durham Hipster tilt.

It’s family friendly, children dance to the music and even
wear funny costume heads. Dog’s eat gourmet ice cream
and check the Bull out.

For those in nearby counties for whom Durham is a curious place,
the cafe’s with outdoor seating and the very local
shops are curious and inviting on Main Street.

Just like Franklin Street used to be.

Writing from the next county over, it seems                                                    Homes For Sale Durham NC Jim Enright
Downtown Durham has Found It’s Cool.

It’s rain or shine, every Thursday night from 7:00-8:30pm.
thru August 8th. Rain dates are at the Pinhook.

The music has been good, perhaps because ex Art Center
Tess Mangum Ocana is setting up the shows.

Grab the family, bring the dog, and enjoy a very pleasant
Thursday evening before the summer is over.


May 13th, 2013 UpDate: The first Find Your Cool concert              Durham Mortgage Jim Enright
kicked off.
It was a beautiful Thursday evening. Plenty of easy and
convenient parking with a short wal to the plaza.

Not a big crowd but a mellow and good crowd, with children and dogs.
We’re bringing our black lab this week. This was also quite the canine
social event. He would have had a blast.

Jo Gore & the Alternatives were very entertaining.
High Energy, excellent guitar and horn. Jo Gore has
an excellent presence.
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May 16th, the Onyx Club Boys will be playing. I’ve seen
them at www.Forty shows. Gypsy Jazz and other interesting music.

Durham is building a great community. If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of Downtown Durham Real Estate, you know what all the fun is about.

My friend +Adam Dickinson at 501 Realty told me about this series that his company and others
local businesses are sponsoring.

Find Your Cool begins May 9th and runs through August 8th at CCB Plaza at 201 N. Corcoran St. from 7:00-8:30.

May 9th is Jo Gore & The Alternative
May 16th is the Onyx Club Boys
May 23rd is Sarah Shook & The Devil
May 30th is Virgins Family Band

Mark your calendars and plan to arrive early.

More info 

I’ll put up the rest of the schedule a bit later.

If you’re interested in Downtown Durham Real Estate, get in touch with me today!

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