Your Credit Score is CRITICAL to all you do.

A score of 740 is the new standard. Get started below if your score is lower.

Credit Repair

Your credit score will affect your home loan, credit card rates, life and medical insurance rates, auto loans, bank loans, checking overdraft account, possibly employment, and perhaps more that hasn’t come to the light of day yet.

For Your Mortgage,

The Lowest Middle Credit Score
Your Loan to Home Value =
Your Interest Rate.

The “premium” level credit score is 740. Any scores lower will have “pricing hits” that will increase the interest rate.

Your Credit Score Improvement Choices:

  • • Do It Yourself.
  • • Have It Done For You.

Which you choose depends upon urgency, your follow through, and investment. There are a number of reputable credit repair services and even more scams on the web.

The service I am recommending is similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco in that it is a membership club with many other financial services included for a flat monthly fee. Credit repair is just one of the services. You can cancel at any time.

“My first client increased her credit score from high 670’s to 752 in 4 months”

What is really nice is this service includes BOTH husband and wife for the same fee, unlike most services that charge per individual.

To get started, fill out the form on this page and check the credit repair box. We’ll be in contact  to get you started.