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Durham Mortgage Broker vs. the SECU Credit Union?

A client referred his son and daughter-in-law, a new home buyer, to me to finance their first home. She had spoken with the SECU (State Employees Credit Union) and had what she thought was an excellent program and rate. She was calling me as a courtesy to her dad-in-law. After speaking and finding out her priorities, I gave her […]

Home Buyer Alert: Conventional 97 Mortgage Loans are ending Nov. 15th, 2013

Conventional 97 Mortgage Loans with 3% down payment are ending Nov. 15th, 2013 When it comes to your Durham mortgage, this means files must be run through Desktop Underwriter by this date. Buyers with minimum down payment should get all the details before waiting longer to purchase a home. FHA 3.5% down VS Conventional 97 with […]

October 4, 2013 : Government Shutdown and Your Home Mortgage Closing Update

As a Chapel Hill Mortgage Lender, I am always looking out for the latest news to help my clients. One more of our lenders said they will waive the IRS Tax Transcript requirement for now. If you were lending your own money, would this fine print concern you? “We will obtain tax transcripts on all loans when the […]

Durham Mortgage Broker Rate History Lesson for Chapel Hill.

Are Mortgage Rates High Today? Yes, mortgage rates have jumped up to 4.5 %-ish  in the last 60 days. Check out this 1987 mortgage rate sheet for historical perspective. Somehow, homebuyers did just fine. What do you think?

Durham Mortgage Broker Refinancing Tips

This interview was done with Jesse Wojdylo after mortgage rates began to increase. As rates continue to increase, being aware of potential savings become even more important.

Chapel Hill Mortgage Broker 30 Yr Fixed Rates in Durham, Pittsboro

By Jim Enright – Chapel Hill Mortgage Lender Hi I’m Rick Arnold. This is my wife Jess.  We’re from Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278, and we just bought a house in Gibsonville, North Carolina, with the assistance of Jim Enright and his team. We actually came to Jim through a recommendation from our realtor for our […]

Durham Mortgage Broker Tip – Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

As a Durham mortgage broker, I am always watching to see what the latest news is relating to our industry. The mortgage news today is about 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates, with good reason. They are very low. But what if you will be living in your home for 11 years or less?

Reverse Mortgages in Raleigh

Just heard a local bank advertising on the radio for reverse mortgages. As a Raleigh mortgage lender, this obviously got my attention.

Durham Mortgage Broker -> Is a Bank a Mortgage Broker?

Who is a Durham mortgage broker? Being curious, I searched for “mortgage brokers” on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. What comes up? Big Banks! Retail banks with big signs and brick and mortar on every other corner.

Chapel Hill, Carrboro Merger and Durham Hipsters.

While pondering the ramification of this merger, I recall there is always the “reason given” and then there is the unsaid and “real reason.” The real reason of this merger could have something to do with Durham Hipsters Crossing over to Chapel Hill. Appreciate your thoughts.