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Chatham County Homes: On the Brink of a Supply Boom

As I briefly touched on in my last blog post, homes for sale in the Triangle area are becoming more of a common theme. Chatham County homes, in particular, are at the forefront of a major boost to housing supply in the area. After several years of planning, the area is set to construct thousands […]

Parade of Homes, Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties

Whether you’re shopping for Durham new homes, homes on the resale market or just curious about homes, the Parade of Homes is something you’re probably interested in. Review of Durham and Chatham County Parade Homes from $200,000.00-$341,000.00 There was no W.W.F. rating (Wife Wow Factor) as our daughter was in town and it was Hot […]

Mortgage Broker Tips for Durham and Chapel Hill Buyers

When it comes to mortgage tips, there is one  TIP that is not spoken of often. Not all mortgage lenders do it, and most of the big mortgage banks definitely do not do it. It is glossed over by those who do not as a non-factor due to the virtual nature of business, the cloud, and technology. […]

Chapel Hill Mortgage Broker 30 Yr Fixed Rates in Durham, Pittsboro

By Jim Enright – Chapel Hill Mortgage Lender Hi I’m Rick Arnold. This is my wife Jess.  We’re from Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278, and we just bought a house in Gibsonville, North Carolina, with the assistance of Jim Enright and his team. We actually came to Jim through a recommendation from our realtor for our […]

Durham Mortgage Broker Skunked by Turkeys and Other Experiences

Chapel Hill Mortgage – Update June 6, 2013 Have You Read “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy? Met Asa Fleming President of the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors (RRAR) for the first time this week. We were having interesting conversations about books that had major impact on our lives. I asked – have you […]