8th Annual Triangle Green Home Tour Review

Donna and I got back in town and temporarily
ignored the pollen that had dusted our bedroom
since we’ve been sleeping with the  upstairs
windows open…and forgot to close them when we left.

Anyway, decided we would hit the Home Builders Association
Green Homes tour and visit as many as possible at one time.

We went to Briar Chapel where there were 7 Green Homes.

Informative note cards were placed through out most
of the homes telling what was done and how it
helped conserve energy.

Did you know framing studs can play an important roll
in energy effciency? You’ll learn that at home “C1,”
Homes by Dickerson.

The most fun though was experiencing the different
floor plans and the room flow of the homes.

By a unanimous vote of two, we are awarding Foreverhome LLC
home C3, at 23 Sagebrush Rd the best flow floor
plan of the Briar Chapel Green Homes.

Our second favorite home was C1, Homes By Dickerson,
at 688 Bennet Mountain Trace. Host Rob Jamison was the most
informative and engaging representative we met on the tour.

They even had a section of the floor with thick clear
plastic so you could see through to the ground.

These fine homes were all viewed from the persepctive
“what we like….” and not necessarily what you may like.

Be sure to check out the Triangle Green Home tour
April 20-21 and leave a comment below for the home
you liked best.


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