4-Day Purchase Mortgage Approval

One Big Bank’s turn down is another mortgage banker’s approved loan. This is the story of a 4-day purchase mortgage approval…

Susan called and said there was a BIG BANK requirement that didn’t make any logical sense. She may need some help if the mortgage is not approved soon. The closing date had already passed.

Mortgage Approval I met with the clients while they were in town (it is a vacation home) and gathered the mortgage documents, just in case.

Friday, got the call to proceed. Sent the completed application to borrowers via overnight on Friday before the ice storm.

Received it back on Tuesday morning. Submitted to processing. Got the appraisal on Wednesday. All submitted to underwriting Wednesday.

Friday morning….got a CTC “clear to close.” That’s an email I always like to read.

Four-day mortgage approval from receiving signed documents to loan approval.

Can’t take all the credit, though. My client was organized and responsive.  My processor, underwriter, and company have a purchase priority.

That’s the way we like to do it.

More when the closing occurs.

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